2020 — now

Sicut In Cælo, Et In Terra

Times are getting darker, together with the cities, the economies are coming to a standstill and everything warbles in silence.
The sense of solitude twists itself within us, opening a dilemma which is subtly conceptual. Money isn't flashed.

The house is a private-precious gemstone and dressing is not necessarily about beautifying, but more like an internal propaganda manifesto.
The rudder of religion is sturdy, with more or less calming results, but undoubtedly in this moment faith's working.
One aspires to the heavens to detach, meanwhile a new beauty is sought on earth.

The idea of a journey and exploration, less obvious today, maintaining its ow sense of searching alive.
In a more abstract declination: traveling by staying still, towards a dream, in order to be found.
The mind returns to of the bewildered Seventies Land Art.

This Land Art was always infused by a visionary ecological vein, now finds itself amply quoted by the luxury brands through their advertising, in the clothes and on the runway scenarios, to satisfy the aesthetics of someone looking at the world from above.
More ego-related, the digital version of Tom Wolfe’s ‘Me’ Decade, where in a counter-world influencers materialise like poisonous mushrooms, everything revolves around the Id.
Assimilated into sneakers and comfortable clothes, packaged in lycra and technical fibres, or even as Christo used to dress his monumental works in fabric. These days often badly dressed-in the living room and on sidewalks- we’re currently not embracing glamour. But rumour has it, that we will need to return to lots of makeup, in order to face the bust of this virtual reality.

Life values. The good and the bad, the wrong and right, as well as the ugly and beautiful.
All axes to be revisited. Maybe even to be flipped upside down. And as it happens to many, with a passage to India.

As it happens in a mass crisis, the fear of disappearing. Have you heard of the Maya?
The most and mysterious, totalising case of The Great Escape. Where did they end up?

Still nobody knows. We only know it has been the longest period of drought i 1000 B.C., triggering social conflict and the fall of their world.

Let’s remember each day: it is the animals, the vegetables and the cosmic forces, that’s what makes them dream of The Great Escape from us, the Humans.