2021 — now
New Aura

Enough with comfort. We’re back with a human, soft and regal, Renaissance format.

The new logic is gold and iron, following the mathematical rules of harmony, which makes the Renaissance a myth with an unbeaten aesthetic.

Gold and pallor, symmetry and softness, in a realm of such harmony that the architect Leon Battista Alberti in 1450 summarised the following: "Beauty has such an agreement that nothing can be changed, only for the worse".

No fear. We respond to the ruthless Renaissance canons with a global world of maximum inclusion, which frees us from the dictates of 15th / 16th century beauty: high forehead, well-defined chin, pale skin, strawberry blonde hair, high and delicate eyebrows, strong nose, narrow mouth and lips fleshy.

More generally, from the top of the skies we pass to the center of us, to Humanism, more individualistic and perhaps more narcissist than ever, to land art, the landscapes of paintings and those of interior decoration are replaced, of houses more inhabited than ever, till the furnishings. The great escape answers with a maximum concentration on the moment and on us. For aspiring Venus and everyone else, a Neo Renaissance is good news. We get rid of the quarantine pyjamas, in the Renaissance imagery the body is dressed, the diaphanous and sumptuous dress covers figures with large breasts, rounded abdomen and wide hips. She and now he too, are new chimeras, which takes  the best parts from many sources, especially the classical statues of Rome, the obsession of that period.

Among the obsessions of time we add the more evanescent, esoteric and more than amusing ones, ranging from card games to tarot cards, from fireworks to every possible form of art, passing through labyrinths and puzzles to evil poisons, from some families really loved it.

So now we welcome the arrival of lace and feathers, gold and decorations, precious fabrics and objects, luminescences and transparencies, tulle and turgidity, a circular aesthetic that is reflected in the art and decoration of the house, in a maximalism of sublime measure, in dressing and living, which accompanies a new play with culture and colors, to be browsed through the pages of the inevitable library.