2021 — now
De Rerum Natura

Starting again from space and water that Thales spoke of. Review by his disciple Anaximander, who was imagining the origin of the world as a place without margins, without borders, where the elements and contrasts cancel each other out.
A universe where there is room for dance, perfumes, for a boundless flight of birds. Maybe that's where you would want to go back to the roots. We are closed inside and dream of an outside. A way out of the heavy present immersed in the stress of the metropolis and technology.

We are looking for curves and colours, wood and graphics - not necessarily natural - of an “other” atmosphere. The idea is to bring nature into the home, to wear its aesthetics, whether it is captured by a dress, a bag, a jewel or special make-up.

Immersed in a new dimension of an healthy beauty, beyond reality and even imagination, we have a dream. Natural, sensory or technological, off-scale or out of focus, the dream does not change its background: green. The color declined in all shades of a chlorophyllaceous god, composed of the sea blue and sun yellow of a beautiful day, accompanied by a rainbow never seen before.
In dressing, inspired by soft Romeo Gigli-style cocoons, new, more ovoid, feminine and protective bulb shapes offer intimacy and naturalness.

In detail. The most visionary of the gardens could be that of the writer Umberto Pasti in Runha, in the mountains overlooking the ocean of Tangier. A colossal and contrary work, told in the book An Atlantic Garden. Following are all the houses, interiors in which to bring wallpapers, murals and furnishings inspired by distant coasts and exotic escapes.

Potted plants, trees and vertical gardens of a neo obsession greenhouse, which challenges the charm of the Orangery in Ashbay Castle or Jeremiah Goodman's watercolors. They enchant peacocks on the walls, such as those sculpted by Kaetano Zakharova, for those who do not already own an iconic piece by Lalanne designers. An atmosphere of biophilic design is reconstructed that could rival Hubert Robert's The Bathing Pool, hanging at the MET in New York.
The architecture experiments with green curves, walls and ceilings to water, perhaps inspired by certain pergola streets of Andalusia, to be found in the castle of Beauvoir, among the allover murals of the pioneer Claire Blaiser.
The world of cherry blossoms, in painted and serial form, by the genius Damien Hirst and the woods in photos by Bae Bien-U, the faces behind the bouquets of Minas Halaj, the Paper Shoes by Violise Lunn, which seem ready to be put in a vase. .

Behind the screens by Francesco Simeti, surrounded by light in all shapes, sitting on the armchairs by Nacho Carbonell, we remember the feather skirts of Kei Ninomiya. Yet we haven’t talked about fashion in bloom, delicate but strong and resistant, with printed landscapes, morphologies and 3D flowers like those in cotton by Simone Rocha and Oscar de La Renta’s Flower Power seen on Taylor Swift at the latest Grammys.

Beauty beatifies the colours of the season. Between the nuances of hair in strong colours, on the face painted with petals, up to the flowers attached to the skin like meteorites - in Japan it’s like this.
A beauty that evokes the freshness of the woods or the sensuality of a misty fort, the dawn of a summer day and dusty skies. One puts on makeup by imagining pink clouds, sandy shades, aquatic greens and of course silver, of sap and dew.
Magnificent flora and fauna when they also bejewelled the mood, magnified the botanical garden of Palermo, in Nathalie Hambro's IG. And who knows how many other views still, they are waiting for us.